You’re his life, take good care!

Your dog is your friend for life and you are definitely his friend for life so you want to take good care of your dog. But this is often harder than it sounds. With people, you know when someone has the flu or when someone’s on their period, but with your dog this is much harder to tell. Can’t we think of something that will tell us when our dog is not feeling well? Well, there is now. 

You can relax, because now there is a device that you can attach to the collar of your dog and will monitor your dog’s activity. You will now always know when he’s walking, playing or resting. Through the Whistle-app you have the chance to see the activities. On this app you also have a function where you can set goals for your dog and of course track the progress. 

Whistle can help all the dog lovers around the world to look out for their dog and knowing their dog’s health. No matter where you are, you will always know your dog’s activities and know what he/she needs. This way you can make yourself and your dog have a happy life. 




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It’s bedtime!

You sleep and exercise the way that feels right for you. But you’re not sure so you experiment. Don’t you like to know if what you’re doing is really right for you? With Peak you know!

Peak is a band that looks very much like a watch. Only it’s not a normal watch, this watch is very smart. When you’re doing you’re daily exercise outside this watch can measure you’re steps and heart rate. You can also make day goals and while you’re running on the streets it can say what you have to do to live up to your goals. Something else is the sleeping sensor. Peak will always know when you’re sleeping, even if you’re in a deep sleep or just REM sleep. So when you had a rough day, Peak will recommend you to go to sleep early. 

Though time, Peak will track your habits and make small changes that will improve your sleep and activity patterns. It tracks your habits to help you improve your sleep, be more active, burn more calories and many more. This watch can help you achieve your daily goals and get healthy habits which will also make you happy. 





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Sunny wristbands

With the global warming and all those long summers it’s important to stay protected from the sun. But then, how do I get tan if I keep applying sunscreen? I don’t even know if it works until I wake up like a lobster the next morning. What if I told you there is an easier way? Let me introduce you to UVSunSense.

UVSunSense wristbands are an easy way to monitor sun exposure. In the beginning they’re purple, but when the wristband is exposed to sun for a long time the purple will fade and it will say ‘apply sunscreen on this side’. This means that you should apply sunscreen and if you also apply it on the wristband it will automatically change back to purple. If also the text disappears it means you have to find some shadow and the wristband will change again.

Don’t apply sunscreen every half hour anymore, now you can use UVSunSense. It will say when you have to apply sunscreen and you can enjoy your day without worrying about burning. It’s also a way to keep your skin healthy because sunlight can be more dangerous than you think. 

Source: http://www.coolhunting.com/style/uv-sunsense-wri.php

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Nice shirt you got there!

I think you can’t imagine what it’s like, but having an epileptic seizure it not fun and sometimes it happens without anyone knowing about it and that’s very dangerous. But someone found a solution. There’s WEMU now!

WEMU is a sensor-laden shirt especially for epileptic people. It tracks the heart activity and muscle contraction so the shirt can sense when the person who’s wearing it has a seizure. Through the WEMU app, the patient and the doctor can both see the activities and this way the doctor will always know immediately when a patient is having a seizure so he can call for emergency services.

WEMU will help saving the lives of epileptic people and give them a safer feeling. And because it is connected with the app the patient and the doctor will always know what’s happening and it will be easier for the doctor to diagnose and give advice. 


Source: http://www.psfk.com/2014/09/health-innovation-trends-11.html 

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Gain money, lose weight

The battle against weight, everyone is familiar with it. Unhealthy food is a very tempting thing and it takes a lot of strength to resist it. So how can we make it easier to lose that food we couldn’t resist? www.only10pounds.com is a site that will help you lose that belly.

The goal is simple: lose ten pounds in ten weeks. When you sign up you have to pay hundred dollars. But you won’t immediately lose your money, because this money is for a bet. If you reached the goal of losing ten pounds in ten weeks you’ll get your money back. There is also a ‘Meet the Players’ section in the site where you can see how others are doing and help them or get help.

With this website it will be easier to lose weight because you are not alone and you know that others are doing the same as you. This motivation along with being afraid of losing your money will help you rock that body. And after you did that you’re going to buy a sexy dress from that money to show it off in!


Source: Serious Trendwatching part 2, Dr. Carl Rhode

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